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Help! Looking for 2 fics

I've lost the links for two stories I wanted to read. One involves Jensen/Dean? and Castiel where Castiel is an alpha angel and Dean is an angel researcher. He owns a cat named Michael, I think. He keeps Castiel chained up in his apartment but Castiel manages to turn the tables on him. It's a WIP but I don't remember where I found it and would like to see if anything's been added to it. The second work involves Jensen and Jared as two different pack alpha types but Jensen has a rage problem that Jared is supposed to be able to help with. Basically, Jensen can go 'besereker' when he gets really mad. Don't remember if this one is finished or not. I would really appreciate any help finding these.

Alternate Shift - Chapter 5 Dean?

AU. What if John came to get Sam at Stanford because Dean was missing and presumed dead? Not a death fic. Adam included. WIP. Unsure of direction

Oh, yeah, everything is unbeta'd. All my mistakes are my own.

Disclaimer: Kripke owns all Supernatural characters. I'm only borrowing them.

Overall Warnings: Rated T for swearing and some gore.

No pairings at this time.

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Alternate Shift - Chapter 4 Wendigos

AU. What if John came to get Sam at Stanford because Dean was missing and presumed dead? Not a death fic. Adam included. WIP. Unsure of direction

Oh, yeah, everything is unbeta'd. All my mistakes are my own.

Disclaimer: Kripke owns all Supernatural characters. I'm only borrowing them.

Overall Warnings: Rated T for swearing and some gore.

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Chapter 4 - Wendigos

Deep down, it made Adam feel better, sending texts to Dean’s phone, even though the sentiment was definitely one sided. Dean, or the voice, never picked up again when Adam called since that one time and he, it, never responded to any of the texts but the actions still made Adam feel better.

He sent coordinates once the family started moving again. They had searched the empty nest with no luck, after staying at Stanford a week looking into Sam’s girlfriend’s death, again with no luck. On their way back from the nest, they stumbled onto a hunt in the mountains after Bobby had already headed back to his place in Sioux Falls.

In fact, at the moment, they were in Black Water Ridge, Colorado, stuck in the middle of the woods with a pair of siblings that contained a legal aged sister that Adam was completely sure that Dean would be hitting on, if he was here. The siblings were naturally searching for their missing brother and the rest of his camping party. Needless to say, they could all relate to each other.

Based on their research and the ruined campsite that they found, John and Sam quickly figure out what they are hunting. A Wendigo. Oh, joy. Another new one for Adam. Awesome. And it could only be killed by fire. Even better. Right?

They lost their snarky wilderness guide, Roy, during their first night campling because he was a skeptical moron and all around idiot but they stay inside their protection circle until daybreak. At first light, they headed out, intent on finding the beast’s lair, rescuing whoever they could and getting the hell out of the woods by night fall. They were only slightly armed with homemade devices which meant that John had one and Sam had the other. Adam, being the youngest of the family, didn’t have one.

They hoped to find some missing campers on the way so they followed the trail of claw marks until John stopped suddenly and realized they’d been lead into a trap. He spied the creature ahead of him and took off after it, yelling, “Find its nest. Go.”

Sam grabbed Haley’s hand and led the way to the west of where John had charged off into the distance. Adam trailed behind covering everyone’s back while Ben, Haley’s younger brother, followed Sam and Haley. Adam saw that they were falling behind and was about to yell at Ben to go faster when he saw Ben trip and fall, wiping out. Adam quickly grabbed Ben’s shoulders and hauled him up then shouted, “Run. Hurry.”

They both heard Haley scream ahead of them and charged forward. They paused where they thought she should be and visually checked the area. Adam frowned when he spotted Sam’s left shoe on the ground. He glanced at Ben and saw it out of the corner of his eyes then shouted out in warning, “Look out!”

Adam sprinted forward to knock Ben out of the way of the wendigo charging forward. The wendigo swung its arm in an arc that allowed it claws to scratch into Adam’s left side and throw Adam at a nearby tree. Adam yelped in pain as he felt his back connect with the tree. He was definitely going to have some serious bruises in the morning. He also lost all the air in his body and couldn’t do anything about it but lay there, stunned with pain, while he desperately tried to suck air back into his lungs.

The wendigo grabbed his left ankle and yanked Adam up, twisting his ankle into an unnatural position in the process. Adam yelped again before gritting his teeth together against the flaring pain radiating up his leg. He palmed his gun which was loaded with silver bullets, even though he knew it wouldn’t do any good.  He shot at the clawed arm that held him and was rewarded when the creature roared in pain. Unfortunately, it dropped him on his head and the gun fell out of his hand. Rookie mistake number one.

Adam cursed his rookie move while he quickly crab scrambled back and away from the creature. He felt hands pull him from behind and knew that Ben was trying to help him. Adam gritted his teeth against his pain and frustration then ordered swiftly, “Run. Get out of here. Now. Save yourself.”

The creature growled menacingly and focused his angry, hungry gaze on them then started toward them again. Adam was sure that he was dead. He just wished that Ben would give up and make a run for it but he felt the tensed muscles in the arm around him and knew that Ben was in too much shock, and fear, to move. Adam palmed his silver knife.

It’s not much but what the hell, Adam thought grimly

The creature charged forward and Adam tried to stand up but a heavy weight landed on his lap while a dark shape flew over his head. Adam blinked in surprise because suddenly the wendigo had hair.

No, wait, a fur cap? What the f . . ., Adam wondered curiously to himself.

Adam shook his head slightly, thinking he’d hit his head too hard, then blinked again and saw that a very large black-brown wolf had apparently attached itself to the wendigo’s head. He finally made that out when the wendigo grabbed the wolf’s tail and yanked it off, earning another pained scream from the wendigo. It tossed the wolf toward the trees where he heard the wolf yelp in pain but it didn’t stay down more than a second before it charged a tree right behind the creature. It used the tree to rebound up onto the back of the wendigo.

“What the hell is going on?” Ben whispered in a strained voice under the sounds of the growling, fighting creatures. “Can we go now? Can you move?”

Adam shook himself and moved to stand, only to notice a small black, drawstring nap sack in his lap. He swiftly opened the sack and searched inside. He let out an excited hiss, “Yes!”

            Adam grabbed the flare gun and quickly checked to see if it was loaded and ready before he aimed the gun at the wendigo. The wendigo raked its claw down the wolf’s side and was rewarded when the wolf whimpered in pain but it didn’t let go. So the wendigo grabbed its right rear flank. It yanked the wolf off of its shoulder where the wolf had sunk its teeth. The creature screeched again at the pain then batted the wolf into the trees one more time.

            Adam didn’t hear the wolf’s yelp this time because he shot the flare gun at that exact moment. His aim was exact as the flame started burning the wendigo from the inside out. With one final scream, the wendigo erupted into flames and quickly became a pile of ash.

            Adam exhaled a huge sigh of relief then he heard a mix between a low growl and a low pain-filled groan. He froze as he realized the danger wasn’t over yet and felt Ben do the same while the huge wolf slowly lumbered to its feet. It slowly shook itself then looked them dead in the eye before slowly starting toward them. Adam knew the flare gun was empty and glanced around for his real gun. He spotted it by the pile of ash.

            “I’ll get it,” Ben whispered fearfully as he slowly edged out from under Adam.

            The wolf paused and cocked its head slightly to the side as if it was trying to hear them better then stared at them curiously. At Ben’s words, it glanced at the gun then back to the boys. It huffed out a breath and Adam thought it rolled its eyes at him then slowly lowered itself to the ground to its knees and carefully edged forward with a slight whimper.

            Adam frowned slightly and put a hand up to stop Ben. “Hold up a minute. I think it’s friendly.”

            In response, the wolf’s tail wagged behind it and it crept close enough to touch its nose to Adam’s finger. It nudged the hand with a whimper and Adam slowly lifted his hand. The wolf placed its head under the hand and rubbed against it, still whining softly.

            Adam smiled slightly and moved to pet the animal that had just saved his life. He felt the wolf’s whimpers turn into a pleased rumble deep in its chest. Adam scratched the wolf behind the ear and told Ben, “It saved us. It’s not going to hurt us.”

            The wolf seemed to nod and nudged Adam in the ribs. It sniffed at the wounds and whimpered in concern. Then the wolf licked Adam on the face.

            “Ew, doggy breath,” Adam complained with a disgusted grumble. “Down, Cujo.”

            The wolf cocked his head to the side then glanced around before he nudged Ben’s shoulder. Ben reached out a shaky hand and petted the wolf’s head which earned him a pleased rumble, too, before the wolf nudged him again.

            “Uh, Adam?”

            “Yeah, I think it’s telling us that we should get going and it’s right. Get my gun for me, will ya?” Adam asked as he started to stand up. Ben tried to help him while the wolf stood firm on his other side, supporting him as best it could. Once he put weight on his left ankle, Adam gritted his teeth and groaned, unable to stand on it.

            The wolf glanced up and seemed to question him with a cocked head. Adam petted its head and told it firmly, “I’ll make it. I have to find Sam and Ben’s sister. They were taken by one of those things.”

            Ben left Adam with only the wolf to support Adam as he quickly grabbed Adam’s gun. Adam slung the small backpack over his shoulder after reloading the flare gun. Then Ben came back and pulled one of Adam’s arms over his shoulder.

            They had only gone a few yards before the terrain combined with pain in Adam’s ankle became too much. Adam tried to hide it from the other two but figured he didn’t do a good enough job when the wolf suddenly huffed out a low growl. The wolf tossed his head hard against Adam’s thigh then slowed Adam’s fall when its teeth grabbed his sleeve.

            Unfortunately, Ben wasn’t so lucky when he fell hard to the ground and growled out harshly, “What the hell happened?”

            Adam panted through clenched teeth, “Sorry. Can’t. Hurts.”

            The wolf nudged Adam into a more comfortable position while Ben crawled out from under Adam’s limbs. It whined slightly while it hovered over Adam then it flopped down beside his injured side. It nudged the injury softly with its nose, sniffing it.

            Adam flinched slightly then petted its head. “Easy, boy. Listen, can you lead Ben out of here? He really needs to find his sister.”

            “What?” Ben demanded. “Look, I really want to find Haley. I do. But I’m not just going to leave you here, alone and injured.” Amazingly, the wolf seemed to look at him in approval before lowering its head again.

            Adam rolled his eyes and insisted firmly, “We killed the wendigo. I’ll be okay. Dad should be back soon. Wha- hey, that tickles, and hurts, kinda, Lassie.” Adam glared at the wolf that was licking his wounds. “Don’t you have your own to clean?”

            Adam started to push the wolf’s head away when Ben stopped him. “That will actually clean out the wounds better than we can do right now. Let it. And I’m not leaving you.”

            Adam rolled his eyes and leaned back. Ben moved him next to a tree to prop him up. The wolf followed while it continued to care for Adam’s wounds.

            The wolf had finished and had laid its head on Adam’s lap to rest when they heard another growling creature approach. The wolf shot to its feet and placed itself in between the boys and the new menace. Both boys pulled their guns and readied themselves.

            Suddenly, a very large grizzly standing on its hind feet stormed out of the trees. It let loose a large menacing growl. It started to fall down to all four legs but it didn’t get that far before the wolf launched itself at the bear’s neck where its neck met its left shoulder.

            The bear roared in surprise then rolled and shook the wolf off into a huge tree nearby. The wolf yelped then twisted suddenly. Once again, it charged and used a tree to help launch itself onto the bear’s back. The bear bucked up hard and the wolf flew over its head, flipped then landed on attack position in front of the boys again.

            The wolf growled menacingly in warning but the bear just sat down in a huff. It looked to Adam as if the bear actually rolled its eyes. Adam glanced back at the wolf and saw that its tail was wagging. “What the hell, Balto?” Adam growled uneasily.

            The wolf glanced back and seemed to grin at Adam before it stared at the bear then slowly approached it. They stared at each other for a long moment before the wolf led the bear back to the boys. The bear sniffed them slightly then laid down beside them. The wolf stared meaningfully at Adam who nodded in understanding, “A changing of the guard, huh? Alright.”

            The wolf huffed then stared at the bear one more time before it took off like a shot in the direction that the bear had come from.

            “Was it just me, or did they seem to be talking to each other?” Adam asked Ben who only shrugged helplessly. All of this was so out of his comfort zone that it wasn’t even funny. Both boys sighed heavily and tried to rest.

            About ten minutes later, they heard a gunshot and a yelp in the distance. The bear who had been a really great heater lumbered to its feet and shook itself. It stared at Adam for a moment before trotting off in the opposite direction.

            Not two minutes later, the wolf came tearing through the trees fast. It was apparently being chased by a hunter. It was going too fast for a normal turn so it jumped up onto a tree near the boys to rebound in the direction that the bear had gone.

            A shot sounded right at the rebound moment and the wolf yelped then stumbled slightly before it landed. Adam glanced over and saw his father with his gun out. Immediately, Adam shouted out, “Dad, no! Don’t!” Adam scrambled to get in the way of his father’s shot, ignoring the pain in his ankle.

            John quickly turned to stare at him in shock then glanced back at the wolf over Adam’s shoulder. Adam turned and looked as well. He saw the wolf stop about a hundred yards away and stare at them. The bear was standing behind the wolf before it grumbled softly. Then both animals turned and trotted away, disappearing into the underbrush within seconds.

            “Adam,” John questioned in confusion, “What? How? Who? Where is Sam? Are you limping?”


            Pain exploded in his head as Sam regained consciousness and he found himself wishing for an axe to chop said head off so that he could think. He slowly opened his eyes, blinking in the darkness. Bit by bit, he came to be aware of his surroundings. He heard water dripping with an echo so he guessed that he was probably a cave. The wendigo’s cave. It was all coming back to him now. Unfortunately.

            He shifted slightly and felt the muscles in his shoulders and arms pull tighter. Hung up, like slabs of meat, he realized vaguely. Great. That’s just great. He knew that he really needed to get out of here, wherever here was, before the thing came back. He stared up at the ropes holding him and tested their strength again, trying to ignore the pain all of it caused his head, arms and upper body.

            Suddenly, he heard a deep rumbling growl echoing lowly throughout the cave and coming closer. He was running out of time. Something sounded hungry and was headed his way. He glanced around, ignoring the pounding in his head, but he had nothing. He saw nothing, nothing he could use anyway. He closed his eyes briefly to calm himself so that he could think then opened them again, not willing to just give up without a fight.

            He jumped slightly in surprise when something pressed against the back of his legs at the same time that two paws pressed against his shoulders. All of the sudden, he stared into two dark eyes, barely making out what might have been a wolf’s face, before he felt a cold wet long nose nuzzle his chin gently. It whimpered slightly then stretched out its neck and he felt something tug on the ropes holding him up.

            As his mind tried to wrap around the fact that a large wolf was apparently trying to free him, he wondered if he was delusional and, more importantly, where the wendigo was. Then gravity decided to help out and do its job as he was slowly lowered to the floor. He turned to see what was behind him and shrank back away instinctively from the large grizzly that seemed to grumble at him as if he had insulted it or something.

            “Okay, I definitely hit my head too hard,” Sam muttered softly to himself. “Definite concussion.”

            He could have sworn that he heard the wolf chuckle slightly so he turned to see the two animals again work as a team to get Haley down the same way that they got him down. He also knew that Haley probably wouldn’t react too well if she woke up during this process so he hurried over to help them, swaying only slightly on the way. Finally, Sam and the animals freed Haley’s brother, Tommy, who was the only other survivor.

            Sam quickly searched through the packs that were left in the area and grabbed up the only flare gun he found. He called out to Haley and her brother who were starting to wake up now, “Got a flare gun. You two want to get out of here?”

            “Definitely,” the other two agreed vehemently as they helped each other stand.

            The wolf and the bear quietly moved to the front of the nook that they were currently in. The wolf sniffed the air then moved his head to the left and the bear moved that way. The wolf glanced back to see Sam watching and Sam nodded in understanding.

            “Where did that come from?” Haley worried softly as she moved up behind Sam. She and her brother supported each other as they stood. Neither one took their eyes off of the wild animals in front of them.

            Sam sighed heavily as he moved to follow the wolf, “Believe it or not, it freed me and you so at this point I’m inclined to follow its lead.” The siblings glanced each other and shrugged then followed close behind Sam when a more frightening growl sounded in the recesses of the cave.

            Sam kept the wolf in sight as they moved out and down the narrow passages until it stopped abruptly at an intersection. It glanced back at Sam and motioned with his head to go forward then waited. Sam gave an understanding nod so the wolf took off to the left with a large yelp. Sam shook his head in disbelief at the eerie humanlike wolf.

            Sam led the others in the direction that they were supposed to go. They heard the wolf and the bear, trying to get the wendigo’s attention. He couldn’t tell if they were succeeding or not. He got turned around and wound up staring right into the wendigo’s eyes. It stood thirty yards in front of him.

            It roared in victory and started to charge when a blur knocked it into the side of the tunnel wall. He heard a yelp as something heavy hit another wall. The wendigo regained its balance but the distraction had allowed Sam enough time to aim his shot. For the second time that day, a wendigo went up in smoke.

            Sam glanced back and asked, “Everyone okay?” The siblings nodded in unison so Sam turned back around. He saw the wolf standing where the wendigo ashes were and it stared at him solemnly. Sam quickly moved toward the wolf which immediately started limping in the direction of the exit. Or, at least, Sam hoped that was where it was headed.

            He frowned in concern as he watched the wolf steadily limp ahead of him with only the occasional whimper sounding out of it. He wished that it would stop so that he could see how bad its back leg was. He tried to call it but it ignored him, pushing itself forward faster every time Sam tried to get closer.

            Suddenly he could smell fresh air and, when they turned the corner, he could see a light at the end of the tunnel which definitely wasn’t a train this time. The wolf was halfway to the exit when it froze suddenly, like it was afraid. He saw its head swivel around, searching for an exit, and then it burst into a full speed dash toward the exit like its life depended on warp speed.

            Right when it got to the entrance of the cave, Sam saw his father stepped through the threshold. The wolf jumped up and knocked John down before it disappeared into the sunlight. Sam heard a distant yelp then John swearing loudly, “Damn it. I don’t care what you say, Adam. I’m going to kill that SOB as soon as we free Sam.”

            Sam sincerely hoped that the wolf could disappear very quickly because Sam really owed it a couple of lives at this point.

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Alternate Shift - Chapter 3 Cujo

AU. What if John came to get Sam at Stanford because Dean was missing and presumed dead? Not a death fic. Adam included. WIP. Unsure of direction

Oh, yeah, everything is unbeta'd. All my mistakes are my own.

Disclaimer: Kripke owns all Supernatural characters. I'm only borrowing them.

Overall Warnings: Rated T for swearing and some gore.

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Chapter 3 - Cujo

Adam found a good hiding spot near the ice machine where he was isolated and could watch what was going on around him. He didn’t want to be overheard by anyone. He wasn’t exactly sure why he was so worried and nervous about all this but he did know that he didn’t want Sam or John to know what he was doing. At least, not now, not until he knew all the facts, like if it really was Dean, and if so, what the hell was he doing?

He dialed Dean’s cell phone number and nervously waited for someone to pick up. He heard the line open and waited. For a long moment, there was no noise, not even breathing. After glancing at his cell phone screen to make sure that the lines were still connected, he took a chance and clarified hesitantly, “De-?”

A harsh, raspy voice interrupted abruptly, “No.”

“Then who?”


“First, who is this?”

He heard a harsh, exasperated sigh on the other side before he heard the voice demanded harshly once again, “Pics?”

“Hanging up now,” Adam threatened darkly.


Maybe it was all the stress from the past week, no, year, years, but Adam would have sworn he heard a trace of amusement underneath the raspy voice. “Because I know my brother and his voice, Dean,” he bluffed boldly, going for a reaction. He could’ve swore that he heard a brief huff of laughter on the other end.

“You don’t know jack, short stack,” the voice snarked snidely then sighed with resignation. “Hate to be the bearer of bad news but your brother is dead.”

“Oh, yeah? When did he die?” Adam demanded tauntingly, calling the other’s bluff. Short stack was one of Dean’s nicknames for him so either this was Dean or it had Dean’s memories. He was opting for the former, even though the raspy voice was slightly off, like Dean was sick or something. Or he’d just been strangled

“More than a year ago. Don’t know the exact date. Was never one to remember chick-flick moments like that,” the voice answered in a very blasé manner as it pulled Adam out of his memories.

“Chick-flicks?” Adam clarified incredulously at the blasé discussion over the death of someone he loved and respected so much.

“Yeah, chick-flicks,” it reaffirmed lazily. “You know, anniversaries, birthdays, cards, funerals, flowers, presents, yadda, yadda, yadda . . . chick-flicks. All of them. Never had a need for them. Any of them,” the voice rambled sarcastically. “Course you were always more of a chick, weren’t you, Ponyboy?”

Once again, the voice used one of Dean’s nicknames for him ever since Adam made him watch the Outsiders because he didn’t want to watch that same Simpsons episode anymore.

“Whatever, Soda. I know my brother’s voice,” Adam insisted again, even more certain now. “And if he’s dead, where’s his body?”

There was a long pause then a very resigned sigh, “Fine. Who knew you’d be so damn stubborn but then you are a Winchester, aren’t you? Even if you have a different last name and all. Still need to change that, by the by. Fine. You’re right. His body won’t be found for a while. I’m, well, hell, I’m kinda . . . borrowing it, with permission, naturally. Actually, it was more of a last request, I guess. Death wish? Whatever. Anyhoo, after I finish what I started, his body will be returned to the family. Yadda, yadda. yadda,” it rambled sardonically, and sounded that much more like Dean.

“Demon? Ghost?” Adam guessed angrily, completely pissed off that some creature was out there wearing his brother’s body and sounding so much like him that Adam fiercely fought back his tears of rage, not despair, not grief.

“Not even close, short fry. They don’t have a name for what I am so don’t strain that little peabrain of yours. Time’s running out. I’ve answered your question, more than one, actually, now answer mine. Pics?” The voice snapped irritably.

Adam thought for a moment then finally answered menacingly, “Fine, but I’m not letting this go. Not until I get my brother back.”

“Not possible anymore,” the voice whispered softly, almost to itself.

Adam ignored that then told it everything that he knew about the pics. The voice responded almost like it was talking to itself. “The DOA date is probably as close as you’ll get to the truth. Figures that Bobby would be getting them. Don’t know Gordon, though. Have to check that one out.”

“It sounded like they thought he destroyed everything that he didn’t take,” Adam threw in.

“If it was a vamp nest, that would have been standard protocol. Burning everything in the area is best plan when you are dealing with those blood-suckers. Still needs to checked out, though. Any idea when Gordon and Bobby were meeting?”

“Not that they told me,” Adam admitted honestly, wondering why he was being so open with something that could have possibly killed his older brother.

“You’re still far, far too trusting there, buddy-boy. Someone needs to smack that naivety right out of you,” the voice commented wryly, like it was reading his mind. It was eerie how much the thing sounded like Dean. It could even get into his mind like Dean could.

“How?” Adam wondered insecurely.

“You’re extremely easy to read,” it popped off nonchalantly with obvious distraction.

“What do I call you?” Adam asked in a small voice before he could stop himself, feeling like lost little boy who had first meet his awesomely cocky older brother.

            “You don’t,” the voice commanded with abrupt harshness. “It’s not safe.”

            “For who?”

            “Anyone,” it snapped irately. There was another pause then it elaborated slightly with a huff, “You and your family are dealing with something that will get you all killed or worse.”

            “What’s worse than –“ Adam started doubtingly, only to be slapped down verbally.

            “There is a lot worse,” the voice bit out with caustic menace. “Dean would tell you that if he still could. He would have begged for death more than a thousand times over, if he’d only been given even half a chance. He was sent to Hell before he had even died. Never had any clue what Hell actually was until then. He doesn’t want that for you. For any of you.”

After another pause, it continued with more restraint, “As long as any of you have pics or search for anyone missing, you are all in danger. They will come after you. The best thing you could do for Dean now is protect Sam and your dad. Don’t let them look for him, either. That would have been his last wish. Can you do that?”

Adam swallowed thickly, more than a little overwhelmed. The barely restrained angst and traumatic pain within the voice touched him deeply. He could hear the genuine, honest warning in its words so he couldn’t help but ask hoarsely, “How? How am I supposed to do that? If you think I can keep Dad from looking for Dean, you don’t know my dad, at all.”

There was another exasperated exhale on the other end then it answered softly, “You’re right. You’re right, but you can distract them.”

“How?” Adam insisted helplessly.

“Hunts. Have them hunt down every supernatural SOB that’s between any clues. As many as you can for as long as you can. I’ll keep trying to keep clues from getting out. Have a lot of help with that,” it added with wry sarcasm.

It clicked for Adam then and he snapped angrily, “You kept us from finding him.”

“Lately? Yeah,” it admitted truthfully. “Before? Not so much.”

After a long moment, Adam finally asked, “Is he . . . is he at least at peace?”

The response took a long while before it was gritted out bitterly, seemingly against its will, “Peace hasn’t been an option for him since he was four.”

Adam heard the sudden click on the other end and knew that his time was up. He exhaled a long shaky breath and tried to sort out his feelings. He had no idea what he was feeling. Hell, he wasn’t even sure what all had just happened.

In spite of what the voice on the other end had told him, he knew that the voice belonged to Dean, the real Dean, his brother, not a creature wearing him. He felt his eyes burn and water flowed to them in an attempt to ease the fire but he didn’t let the tears fall. He knew his brother was out there, even if he wasn’t the same Dean that had been taken from him. He could hear the pain, fatigue and hopelessness within the voice and knew that Dean wished that he was able to be here with them. It hurt thinking of Dean feeling that way, being that way, and not his normal cocky, devil-may-care self. Adam just needed to figure out what he had to do to get that Dean back and make Dean’s wish to come true.

“There you are.” Adam jumped slightly as he saw John approach him. John quickly scanned his son and wondered with concern, “What happened, Adam? Are you okay?”

Adam swallowed hard before answering thickly, “Yeah. I’m fine.” He blinked back the tears and started toward the ice machine, his original excuse, that he’d forgotten about. He still needed to think about all this, by himself. He knew that John wouldn’t understand, wouldn’t trust it. Sam. Sam was in too much pain and Adam didn’t know him well enough to trust him. Not yet anyway.

John sighed wearily. He really hated these touchy-feely moments but he finally acknowledged that some needed to happen, especially when bringing Adam and Sam into this new family dynamic. As he followed Adam to the ice machine, he offered uncertainly, “Look, I wasn’t trying to cut you out back there. It’s just, well, Sammy and I . . .”

“Don’t, Dad,” Adam interrupted instantly. “It’s not that. I know about the fight when he left and all that.”


“Dean,” Adam admitted softly then shook his head. The ice filled the bucket as he continued, “It’s not that. I just really want to . . .”

“Find Dean,” John finished sadly. “I know. I want that, too . . .”

“But we need to be here for Sam,” Adam cut in while he got a coke. “Look, we are on the same page. It’s just hard to be hanging out in the room all day, waiting. I feel like we are getting further and further behind.”

John sighed heavily then grabbed the ice bucket and walked back to the room with Adam. “I know, son.  I feel the same way.”

“I just don’t feel for this demon like the rest of you do and I probably won’t ever,” Adam finally admitted hesitantly.

John paused outside their room and studied Adam thoughtfully. He exhaled heavily, “Yeah. I can get that, Adam. But, remember, you’ve already gotten your revenge on your mother’s killers. Your brothers haven’t. I’m sure you can at least sympathize.”

Adam gave a weak smile. “Yeah. I can do that.” He studied his father a moment then asked solemnly, “Just do me a favor.”

“What’s that?”

“Take a shower. You’re really starting to reek, dude,” Adam teased playfully.

John gently cuffed him on the head and insulted grudgingly, “Wiseass. Get inside.”

They both entered the room and John announced that he was going to take a shower. He grabbed his things and shut himself into the bathroom. Adam locked up and protected the room again.

Finally he glanced at Sam sitting hunched over on the far bed and plopped himself down on the other bed with his back against the headboard. He grabbed the remote and started flipping through the stations. He couldn’t find anything on so he settled on a repeat Simpsons that he’d seen way too many times.

He glanced over at Sam again and saw that Sam was actually looking at him for a change. He gave a slight smile before telling Sam seriously, “I’m really sorry for what happened tonight, Sam.”

Sam waved his hand dismissively and turned on the bed to face Adam. “So . . . it appears we are brothers.”

Adam gave a slightly smirk before snarking, “Yeah, small world and all that, I suppose. Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon.”

“I didn’t . . .” Sam trailed off hopelessly. He’d had one too many shocks tonight.

Adam waved his hand dismissively. “I know. Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad Dad was close enough for the call for a change. Normally, I only saw him once a year or so but he was in the area on another case and I was able to stay alive long enough. . .”

Sam sighed heavily, “Yeah. Your mom. Sorry.”

Adam attempted a half shrug but it was a weak attempt. It still hurt so bad, every time he thought of her and what she went through. They didn’t do enough to those ghouls to make up for it.

“I would say it gets better but . . . well, some days, it is and some days . . .” He shook his head, unable to voice words to describe what he felt. He mentally redirected his thoughts like his older brother had taught him. Of the two hunters who had trained him, he much preferred Dean’s style and learned those lessons much better, much easier than his father’s.

Adam continued wryly, “Hunts help distract me. Of course, I have over seventeen years of training to make up for so I normally don’t have a lot of time to think about it, you know?”

Sam gave a very weak smile and nodded slightly. “Yeah, I’ll bet.” He thought for a moment before he commented dryly, “I’m actually surprised that he didn’t just dump you with Dean. That’s what he always did with me.”

Adam gave him a sharp, slightly confused look then moved his gaze back to the TV. He had no earthly idea where to go after that comment. When was he ever going to figure out this new family of his? What the hell was up with all the freakin’ secrets? All the emotion? How had Dean managed it?

Sam cursed violently and snapped out with angry disbelief, “He did, didn’t he?”

            Adam flinched slightly at the anger and was very relieved that his father exited the bathroom at that precise moment dressed in sweats and a no-longer white t-shirt.

            Sam swirled his head to his new target. “How could you?”

            John stopped for a moment at the force of the attack before he sighed heavily, “What now?”

            Sam shot to his feet and attacked verbally, “Like it wasn’t enough that you made Dean raise me, you had to make him raise Adam, too. Couldn’t you just let him live his life for himself for even a few years? You’re the parent, for God’s sake. If you’re going to have kids, you should be the one to raise them yourself, Dad. Dean sacrificed enough for us. Why would you – How could -?” Sam sputtered to a stop. Suddenly everything was just too much for him as the room started to spin.

            John immediately grabbed his son’s arms and slowly lowered him down to the bed. Once John saw that Sam could stay upright, he moved to sit on the bed that Adam occupied. He faced Sam leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees.

            John ran a hand over his face before he countered patiently, “It wasn’t like that, Sam. My plan was to train Adam myself. I mean, when have I ever thought Dean was better at training? You know he was always too damn soft on you. And Adam didn’t need to be raised, just trained. He was already a grown man after what he went through. I only wanted to make sure he could survive but I wasn’t going to leave Dean out of it. So I introduced the boys and we all agreed to head over to Bobby’s for training. We all stayed there together for a month or so then . . .”

            “Let me guess, hunts came up,” Sam snarked irately.

            John glared at him but conceded easily, “Yeah, Sam, hunts came up. Dean wanted to do them but I didn’t want him out there alone. I never wanted him hunting alone. Hunts started with helping Bobby out because he really needed it then helping someone else out and life just happens, especially to us.”

            “When did you finally leave him alone with another younger brother?” Sam snapped impatiently, not wanting to understand.

            “I left for a hunt a month after we got there and, well, it went south. I’m still not sure . . .”

            Adam cut in immediately, trying to keep the peace, “Dean lasted two days of Dad not checking in before he had to go after him. I wouldn’t let him go alone and Bobby was out getting parts. Now I know he planned it that way. I put up a fight and he decked me, stating that if he could take me out within two punches, I would only be a liability. It only took him one. Never saw it coming.”

            “A week later, Dean barely made it back with Dad,” Adam stated, clearly still upset over the memory. “There was so much blood on both of them.” He shook off the images. He stared at the TV as he finished. “Not another week went by before Dad wanted Dean to take him back to where he’d found him so that they could kill the SOB. Bobby and I told them both no. Still not sure how but they managed to leave without us knowing. Another week and they come crawling back. This time, Dad wasn’t so bad but Dean . . . Then Bobby explained how this was normal. That Dean always had to save everyone, no matter what. Bobby met them at the door with his shotgun. It was pointed at Dad but Dean took it to mean him too.”

            Adam finally turned to Sam and clarified firmly, “I left with them and stayed with Dean until he was better while Dad worked at odd jobs. A week later, we all sat down and decided to split up. Dad had a lead on the demon and Dean had found a hunt in the opposite direction. I chose to go with Dean. We all agreed on it, Sam. Dean even encouraged it so if you lay this one on Dad, it’s because it’s what you want and had nothing to do with facts.”

            “Yeah, Dean had to watch out for me on hunts as I learned but you know yourself that from the moment I met him, he wouldn’t have done anything else. You know that. That was just Dean.”

            Sam sighed heavily and ran his hand through his hair. “You’re right. He wouldn’t have done any different. Probably took you to bars and get you laid, too.” Adam smirked knowingly and Sam threw up his hands, stating quickly and adamantly, “I so don’t want to know.”

            “But I so want to tell you, Sammy,” Adam taunted automatically, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

            Sam stared at him as his jaw dropped in shock. “Dude!”

            Adam gave a bark of laughter before he shook his head. “Sorry. Definitely channel him at the weirdest moments.”

            “Ain’t that the truth,” John muttered wryly with a hint of sadness. “He’s gotten me a few times, too. Shocked the hell out of me.”

            “It sounded just like him,” Sam whispered softly.

            Adam gave a half shrug, somewhat embarrassed by it all. “What can I say? I really tried to learn everything he would teach me.” He wasn’t going to say how much he totally idolized the man. Dean was everything he’d ever wanted in a sibling, aside from the damn excessive martyr complex.

            “You couldn’t have had a better teacher,” Sam advised honestly.

            “He always said that he learned from the best,” Adam added, feeling slightly for his dad.

            John gave him a slight smile in acknowledgement before he suggested, “Let’s get some sleep. It’s a big day tomorrow.”

            “I got the couch,” Adam offered automatically, knowing he was the smallest of them all. So it made the most sense.

            Sam halfheartedly tried to argue but everyone ignored him. John tossed Adam a pillow and blanket then they all went to sleep. They were only woken up a couple of times during the night by Sam’s nightmares.


            John and Sam slammed into the room a little after two the next day. John threw his keys onto the counter and stormed into the bathroom. Adam clicked off the TV and peeked over at Sam before making his way over to the table where Sam was setting their food out. Adam got some beers out of the mini refrigerator.

            Adam arched an eyebrow and asked casually, “Bad day?”

            Sam winced slightly as he opened his food and told Adam, “Bobby called. Apparently he was jumped not long after he got the pics. When he came to, he found out his room had been ransacked and everything was gone except for his gear. Whoever it was took all the information he had with him but nothing else. No money, weapons, nothing else. Needless to say, we’ve lost the lead on Dean and Dad is –“

The sound of glass breaking sounded throughout the room.

“Pissed,” Adam finished easily. He sighed heavily then started to eat. He knew who took the pics. Yeah, he wasn’t a rocket scientist but he didn’t have to be for this. He wasn’t sure how he felt about the situation. He really didn’t but somehow it felt like the right thing, especially if the voice was right about the danger surrounding the pics.

John came out and sat down heavily at the table. His right hand was wrapped in gauze. He took a long drink of his beer that Adam had opened for him.

Adam glanced at him and he offered uneasily, “We are still going to check out the nest after this, right?”

John glanced at his youngest then slowly nodded his head, “Yeah. We’re still going to check it out. After the funeral. Bobby’s still headed this way, too.”

Sam met their eyes briefly. Although his eyes were reddened by unshed tears, they both could see the gratitude in them. They both nodded slightly before resuming their meals, knowing that they all had to eat, even though none of them really wanted to.

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Alternate Shift - Chapter 2 Adam

AU. What if John came to get Sam at Stanford because Dean was missing and presumed dead? Not a death fic. Adam included. WIP. Unsure of direction

Oh, yeah, everything is unbeta'd. All my mistakes are my own.

Disclaimer: Kripke owns all Supernatural characters. I'm only borrowing them.

Overall Warnings: Rated T for swearing and some gore.

No pairings at this time.

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Chapter 2 - Adam

“Sam?” John called out quickly when he glanced through the cab of the truck and saw a shocked expression on his son’s face. “What is it, son?”

Sam’s surprised eyes clashed with John’s before he stuttered hesitantly, “I-, I-, I thought . . . I thought I saw Dean. Or, at least, the Impala.”

“Now?” John demanded eagerly.

“Yeah, just now. Down there,” Sam added as he pointed to the intersection down the street from the back of the truck. “It just passed by that intersection.” He gave a weak, uncertain laugh then shook his head. “I think . . . I think I might be in shock but where is the Impala?”

John glanced down the street to where Sam had motioned again then back at Sam contemplatively. Finally, he answered regretfully, “It hasn’t been seen since Dean . . .” Sam nodded abruptly in solemn understanding then John suggested calmly, “Let’s head out. We need to get you cleaned up and ready for what tomorrow brings. Okay?”

Sam sighed heavily then climbed into the truck cab. John turned slightly and searched the other side of the street for a moment. He motioned with his hand and a shadow broke away from one of the trees down the street from Sam’s old apartment complex. It jogged over to John then swiftly climbed into the truck cab and sat beside Sam before John quickly followed it in.

Sam studied the slender young man sitting beside him, vaguely remembering his father mentioning a partner. He could tell even in the dark cab that the stranger had sandy blonde hair that was similar in color to Dean’s but this guy worn it a couple of inches longer and it was slightly lighter from seeing more sun. Sam’s hazel eyes met the stranger’s eyes of a similar color which had quickly ran the same assessment over Sam.

“Uh, Dad . . .” Sam started to ask.

John barely glanced at them before he introduced briskly, “Sam, Adam. Adam, Sam.” The two young men only had time to nod at each other before John commanded briskly in his drill sergeant voice, “Report.” He reversed his truck and backed away from the scene as Adam responded immediately.

Like a good little soldier, Sam’s mind automatically snarked internally.

“Demon signs obviously. No protection anywhere. Huge paw prints around the building with some claw marks on the back door of the building. Probably from the wolf that chased you inside. Caught sight of it afterward. It crashed through the upstairs window as the roof caved. Gave chase but that sucker is a speed demon. Its four legs smoked my two. Tracks led to a parking lot not far from here. Searched the lot perimeter but it didn’t leave so it either stayed on concrete or shifted.”

John frowned as the report finished then inquired with concern, “Sam, have there been any animal attacks on campus recently?” John turned his truck around and headed away from the fire.

“No, none,” Sam responded thoughtfully then wondered vaguely. “Where are we going?”

John glanced at Sam then told him ruefully, “That’s kinda up to you. I don’t know what you want to do here. Of course, I’d like to head out for Bobby’s but, if you need to stay, you know, to take care of things, we can have Bobby meet us here or something.”

Sam exhaled a shuddering breath, instantly reminded again of the night’s horror. “Yeah, I need to stay. You think . . . you think it was the same thing as what took Mom?”

“Yeah, Sam,” John drawled out slowly. “I think it was.”

“Then we need to look into this while I . . . while I take care of . . . Jess,” Sam trailed off softly. Searing pain marked every word forced from Sam’s mouth. He shuddered helplessly against the scorching pain within his heart.

“Okay, we’ll get a motel and get you cleaned up while I call Bobby and let him know,” John offered gently.

John wasn’t a real touchy feely guy but he knew his son needed him now and that Sam needed what he could offer, even though it wasn’t much. Sam always was a lot more emotional than Dean. Man, did he wish Dean was here right now, in so, so many ways. His chest hurt even more at that thought than before but he buried it, just like he’d always taught Dean to do. He never expected his sons to do something that he himself couldn’t manage.

He found the closest motel and got a room with two queens for the night. Adam helped him carry their bags in while Sam sat down in the only chair and stared at the wall. Adam got John’s attention then motioned toward Sam.

John sighed heavily then coaxed softly, “Sam, go ahead and get in the shower. I’m going to run get you some clothes really quick while you clean up. I’ll call Bobby while I’m out.” When Sam didn’t respond at all, John grabbed Sam’s arm and pulled up on it.

Sam shrugged him off then stood slowly. “Okay, okay. I’m going. I’m going.”

Once Sam was in the bathroom, John glanced at Adam and verified gruffly, “You going to be okay here with him?”

Adam smirked wryly, “I’m not afraid of Gigantor. I know he’s the pussy cat of the family.”

John smiled slightly and advised wisely, “Well, I wouldn’t tell him that.”

Adam smiled in return then offered solemnly, “I can call Bobby or even head out with him if you want. You don’t have to babysit me, you know.”

John arched an eyebrow and pointed out sternly, “You haven’t passed my training protocols yet, boy. Don’t get too cocky.” John ruffled his youngest boy’s hair and added carefully, “I’ll take care of Bobby. I’m going to have him meet us then we’ll all head up to the nest. Together. I know Gordon and I know he probably burned everything to the ground. Even so, I’m still going to check it out but Sam really needs us here for him right now.”

Adam arched a cynical eyebrow at John who sighed and acknowledged wryly, “I know. He’s had a really rough time tonight but he’ll be more with it tomorrow. He’ll be very happy about it . . . once he gets over the shock of, well, everything. Remember Dean. Now, I’m going to get some food while I’m out. Protect the room and stay inside.” Adam nodded in acquiesce, knowing that he had no choice, and with that John slipped out silently into the dark night.

Adam quickly protected the room and heard the shower turn on. With a heavy sigh, he plopped on to the bed by the door. He knew his dad would take this bed and he would be stuck with the couch since he was the smallest so he was going to enjoy the bed while he could.

He honestly didn’t want to stay here but knew he didn’t really have a choice. John was right. He still had a lot of training to do and he had already learned, through several bitter experiences, that it was a lot safer hunting in numbers, especially where family was concerned. Deep down, he silently acknowledged that if something to take Dean unaware like it appeared then he’d never be ready because his older brother was the baddest hunter he knew, next to his father.

He did feel sorry for Sam but not overly so since he didn’t really know Sam at all. He also really didn’t have the need for vengeance against this demon like the rest of his family did. How could he?

Mainly, he just needed to find Dean. Dean and he had bonded during the time that John had dumped him off with his older son. There was something about Dean that really made Adam feel like everything was going to be okay. He hadn’t honestly felt that way since his mother died. And now Dean had disappeared so he was once again left floundering.

Feeling nostalgic and desperately missing his oldest step-brother, Adam pulled out his phone and pulled up his message menu. He plugged in Dean’s name, knowing that he wouldn’t get an answer, but he did this sometimes just to make himself feel better. He knew it had been over six months since the last time he’d done this but seeing that large wolf tonight had reminded him of Dean’s old pet. He smirked slightly as he sent a taunting message that he knew would have gotten under his brother’s skin.

 Almost caught u 2nite, Cujo. Slowing down n ur old age. Pussy!’

Adam drew in a deep, relaxing breath and rubbed a hand over his face, a habit he picked up from Dean who had picked it up from his father. He knew he was being an idiot but what the heck. The wolf had reminded him of Dean and Dean’s old ‘pet’. He knew the color was off, way too dark, for Dean’s actual pet but, the last time he’d seen a wolf that size, Dean had been with him.

Adam set his cell down, mentally shaking his head at himself, and leaned over to his duffle bag. He pulled out Dean’s old leather coat and smelled it, catching the very faint, lingering scent of his older brother that had worked into the leather over the years. He smiled softly then as he felt a little closer to his big brother, even though it was only an illusion. He frowned slightly when he heard his phone go off. He picked it up and briefly saw that he had a text message. He read it without even checking the name because his father was the only one who messaged him anymore.

‘N ur dreams, bait boy. Never b that old, bitch.

            He sat stunned for a moment then double checked the sender. It read from Dean. Less than a minute later, his phone signaled that it’d received another text message. He checked that one as well and so that Dean had sent the second one as well.

How’s Sammy?’

Adam froze for a moment longer in surprised shock. For well over a year now, he had never gotten a reply. He shook himself out of his stun and responded quickly. ‘N shock. It was u, wasn’t it? D, where R U?’

After a long agonizing moment where Adam completely forgot to breath, afraid to hope, a reply was sent.

‘D is dead. Died over a yr ago. There is no D.

A second text followed quickly before he even finished reading the first one.

Make Sammy talk about it. Hell open up 2 u after a little while. Dont let him bottle it up. He cant take that. Not built like us. Give him a sappy hug & tell him he is a girl as much as u can. He loves that sort of thing.’

Adam stared for a moment, fixating on the first message. ‘Where’s his body?’  He sent that then added for reaction, ‘Know DOA date from pics found. Need his body.

He figured that if Dean wanted to pretend that he was dead, fine, but Dean should know that they were going to require proof. All of that was redundant, though, now that he knew Dean was still alive. He just wished he knew why Dean had dropped off the grid, like he had. And why Dean hadn’t come back to them yet.

The next response was quicker than all the others. ‘What pics?’

Adam decided he wanted an answer to his first question before anything else. So he immediately replied with the text, ‘Body?’



After a long pause that had Adam holding his breath, hoping he didn’t ruin the only chance he had of finding his brother, the reply came through.

Body’s totally FUBAR’d. Only meat 4 animals. Pics?’

The funny thing was that Adam actually understood that comment so he texted back, ‘Sam’s in shower. Will call n 40 min. Better answer.’  He knew that he had made the right call when he heard the shower cut off inside the bathroom. He didn’t need his new step-brother getting his hopes up after the night he’d already had.


Adam sighed in relief that he still had a chance to talk to his older brother then put his phone back into his jeans pocket.

Sam cautiously opened the door with a towel barely wrapped around his large waist. Hotel towels tended to be on the small side. He saw Adam and asked uneasily, “Dad back?”

Adam shook his head then leaned over and searched through a bag next to his. After a moment, Adam pulled out a pair of boxers, sweatpants and a t-shirt. He tossed them over to Sam, offering easily, “These should work until he gets back.”

Sam missed the clothes because he was staring intently at Adam’s lap, namely Dean’s leather jacket in Adam’s lap. Sam started forward, growling irately, “That’s his!”

Adam didn’t have to wonder what Sam was talking about. Adam quickly stood up on the far side of the bed away from Sam, holding the jacket tightly in his hands, and nodded abruptly. Adam admitted in a firm, cutting voice, “Yeah, it is. The clothes are his, too. We carry all his gear with us, just in case . . .”

“Just in case we find him,” John finished firmly as he walked into the tense room. Both boys had heard their father coming in but were too caught up in the moment to stop their interaction. Now they both looked at him. He tossed a bag to Sam and ordered, “Get dressed, Sam. Adam, put Dean’s things back in his bag. Sam doesn’t need them but good thinking. Hurry up, Sam. Food’s getting cold.”

Minutes later, they all sat down to eat in silence. After they were done, John and Sam started going over the plans for tomorrow. They barely acknowledged Adam which was fine with him. He had other things on his mind but he still caught the gist of the conversation.

Apparently they were going to be doing most of the recon together from what Adam overheard. He understood why he was being excluded but that didn’t mean he appreciated it one bit. The very last thing he wanted to do tomorrow was spend the day bored to death waiting on his family to get around to what he thought was way more important than his family’s vengeance, namely finding Dean. He’d much rather have his whole family back together first before going after this demon.

“So,” Adam interrupted brusquely, about ten minutes before he had to call Dean back. “Since you don’t need me for anything here, want me to head over to Bobby’s? We could go ahead and get started on the nest. You two can meet up with us when y’all get done.”

John turned to his youngest and denied abruptly, “No, Adam. I told you already. You’re not ready.”

Adam scoffed irritably, “According to you, I’ll never be ready. Besides, you don’t need me here and Bobby can watch me just as good. Where was the nest anyway?”

“Southern Idaho somewhere but Bobby’s not headed there and we are actually closer than he is. As soon as Gordon drops off the file, Bobby’s headed here then we’re all going together, especially after this. I don’t believe in coincidence. Something’s after us so we are not splitting up. Are we clear?” John snapped authoritatively in his normal drill sergeant tone of voice.

“Yes, sir,” Adam snapped back sullenly with deep seated resentment.

John chose to ignore the tone because he was so used to it by now, first from Sam and now from Adam. He knew this wasn’t the time for an attitude adjustment when everyone’s mood was off kilter. Besides, Dean was the only one who didn’t fight him at every turn. He’d thought that he had been successful in his endeavor to keep Adam in line until the boy stood up suddenly.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He bit out harshly.

“To get some ice and a coke, if that’s alright with you,” Adam grumbled irritably then added sarcastically, just to push buttons. “Sir.”

John glared slightly then checked firmly, “Armed?”

Adam pulled his gun out from the back of his jeans and showed his father. “Always.”

“Bring back a smile while you’re at it, boy,” John grumbled out with a nod so Adam put his gun away and grabbed the ice bucket before slamming out of the room. John sighed heavily and closed his eyes with a brief plea for patience, thinking to himself the whole time, I’m getting too old for this. Feel like that old black cop in that movie Dean used to watch all the time. Had that crazy white cop with the crazy hair. Made that suicide jump off the building . . .Who was that . . .

“Dad?” Sam called out softly, bringing him back to the here and now.

John shook himself mentally and looked over at Sam’s weary, pain-filled eyes. “Yeah, son? What is it?”

“Who is that boy and exactly why is he with you?”

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Alternate Shift - Chapter 1 Sam

AU. What if John came to get Sam at Stanford because Dean was missing and presumed dead? Not a death fic. Adam included. WIP. Unsure of direction

Oh, yeah, everything is unbeta'd. All my mistakes are my own.

Disclaimer: Kripke owns all Supernatural characters. I'm only borrowing them.

Overall Warnings: Rated T for swearing.  

No pairings at this time.

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Chapter 1 - Sam


John Winchester frowned slightly at the familiar gruff, whiskey-soaked voice of his best friend in his screwed up, supernatural world as it sounded over the cell phone that John had just answered. “Singer? Thought you weren’t talking to me anymore? I mean, you cocked your shotgun and everything.”

Bobby grunted grimly in response, “Yeah, well, you have that effect on people.”

John honestly couldn’t deny that fact so he allowed with equal grimness, “Touche.”

Then Bobby sighed heavily and admitted with heavy solemnness, “Heard about Dean. You should have told me,” he scolded tightly, though his ire was obviously very subdued, then continued in a calmer, weary tone. “Been searching ever since.” He paused again, as though unwilling to going on, then finally bit the bullet and informed John with blatant reluctance, “Finally have a lead.”

John automatically tightened his grip on his phone and the steering wheel. He mindfully pulled his black F-150 truck over to the side of the highway. He knew better than to drive during this topic of conversation, especially with all the clues his friend was sending out. He shifted his truck’s gear shift into park then rubbed a hand over his face and closed his eyes briefly. He steeled himself for a moment before he barked roughly the order at Bobby, “Talk.”

“A hunter . . . Gordon Walker.  Cleared out a vamp nest in southern Idaho yesterday. Came across some pictures you need to take a look at.” He paused for another moment to gather his courage then continued with a soft, saddened sigh, “He’s pretty sure . . . says Dean’s in them.”

John swallowed hard at the information then forced the most important question, although Bobby had already answered it by drawing this conversation out the way he was, “Alive?”

After another long pause, Bobby slowly choked out, “He doesn’t think so. Said one of them had a date with D.O.A. stamped across it. Sent me cap shots from his cell.”

“Date?” John demanded harshly in a tight voice, trying to hold back his devastation and cling to hope, no matter how remote it seemed at the moment. But, in reality, he was exhausted, both mentally and physically. He’d been searching for Dean non-stop of almost two years now without a single, decent lead. Now, it seemed that his worse fears had come true.

So much for prayer, John snarked bitterly within his own mind, which is why I never believe in it. Especially not after Mary. Like his family hadn’t sacrificed enough over the years.

“About eight months after Sam left. Two weeks after you saw him last,” Bobby recited numbly. John slowly opened his burning eyes, fighting back the tears threatened to overwhelm his control. Bobby offered quietly, “Viewed the cap shots of the pics he sent me. I can forward them to you if you want but . . . They . . . Sorry, John, but they look legit. He’s bringing the actual pics by in a couple of days. If you want to swing by, you can check them out yourself. Just thought I’d let you know.”

“Body?” John rasped out after he finally got his voice working again.

“Not there, according to Gordon. He checked and double-checked. Apologized for killing everything first but he didn’t know about the pics until he searched the nest. I’m going to double check what he has but he didn’t think the damage shown in the pics was from vamps. Of course, if they didn’t do it, why would they have them?”

“Exactly,” John agreed hoarsely. He expelled a shuddering breath, trying to keep it all together. Trying to forget what had happened the last time he’d seen his eldest.  Hell, he hadn’t even known that Dean was missing before he had already been killed according to the dates Bobby gave him. What the hell kind of father was he? That question and realization made John feel a hundred times worse which he honestly hadn’t thought was possible.

John swallowed thickly and responded slowly, not quite ready to give up all hope, “How sure are you, Bobby? Don’t bullshit me. Just tell me the truth. Give it to me straight.”

Bobby thought for a long moment before he clarified sadly, “As sure as I can be, without a body.”

John cursed weakly for a moment then ran a shaky hand over his bristled face and finally planned aloud hesitantly, “Guess I need to tell . . . Sam then. I’m closer to him right now anyway . . . and . . . and he would want to see as well. Want proof. After I tell him, I’ll head over to you.”

“No problem. I’m not going anywhere until you come by,” Bobby assured him then added with a solemn, pained voice, “I am really, really sorry, John. I . . . I loved him, too.”

John’s eyes burned hotter so he cleared his throat as he fought back the heat, the tears, knowing it wasn’t time for them yet. Finally, he acknowledged softly, “I know, Bobby. I know you did. And . . .” He trailed off, unable to finish his train of thought, because it was, would be, too much like the end, the end of Dean, and he couldn’t handle that right now. He cleared his throat again, regaining his military persona, and announced firmly, “Look, I’ll call you when I’m heading over.”

“Okay. Take care, Johnny. You know I’m here for you,” Bobby reaffirmed stoically.

“I know, old friend. Later,” John signed off, killing the call, as he pulled himself together again. This wasn’t over yet. Just like it wasn’t over for Mary yet. He still had work to do. For Mary. For her son.


Who knew getting a cup of coffee could be so life changing? John thought ironically while he stared at the smoldering apartment building that had housed his grown son, Sam, and his son’s, now very dead, girlfriend, Jessica Moore.

As John watched the burning inferno and the emergency services personnel trying to extinguish it, he mentally reviewed the events of his screwed up night. He had approached Sam around eight o’clock this evening as Sam was coming home from the library. He’d had enough people keeping tabs on this particular son to know his schedule by heart.


That’s also how he knew that Sam hadn’t had a clue about his brother in all this time, and that Dean hadn’t had contact with Sam, either, which was something that John had been hoping for. He’d figured if Dean couldn’t get to him, Dean might have been able to get to Sam. Of course, now he knew why that had never happened.

John remembered how he had refocused on the figure lumbering toward him and smirked slightly, unable to help himself in that instant, as he remembered how much Sam had stayed the same. He still had all his lanky brown hair and gangly gait, eating up the sidewalk as he went. He also still walked with his head in a book as he always had. It had always amazed John, not only how much his youngest boy now towered over him, but also how much Sam loved to read. He must have gotten that from Mary because reading was definitely not John’s thing.

He would never admit it to Sam but now he was not only proud of how Sam had stood up to him and broke away from the hunting life. He was also very thankful. It was bad enough losing Dean. Considering how close his two boys were, he knew Sam could have very easily been lost as well as his oldest son.

“Sam,” John called out softly as Sam neared the tree John was resting against.

Sam paused, glancing up quickly from the book in his hand and over in the direction of a voice he thought he’d never hear again. “Dad?” He verified uncertainly, not believing his eyes at the moment.

John stepped away from the tree and into the dim light from a nearby lamp post. He stared at Sam with a very slight, crooked half smile. He greeted wearily, “Hey, Sammy.” He glanced around uncomfortably then continued seriously, “We need to talk.”

Sam stared at his father for a long moment thoughtfully then nodded, surprising John to no end. “Just let me run these into Jess and let her know where I’m going. I’ll be right back.”

His father gave him a very quick, small nod almost instantly so Sam ran into his apartment to drop off his books and tell Jessica where he was going. All the while, his mind whirled with disturbed confusion. He had no idea what was going on but he knew his father wasn’t acting like himself, at all. First and foremost, John didn’t use his drill sergeant command voice. John had practically asked Sam to follow him and seemed nervous about the whole thing. John also didn’t question or argue when Sam hadn’t immediately followed John’s lead. That final piece of acquiesce was the clincher.

With that in mind, Sam gathered up some salt and holy water with him from his stash deep in the closet while he let Jessica know what was going on. He hid his supplies inside his jacket as he rushed back out the door, closing it on all of Jessica’s questions and leaving only a quick, “I’ll explain everything when I get back.” He hurried back out and found his dad waiting patiently exactly where he had left him. Yet more evidence that something was very wrong.

“Um, coffee?” Sam suggested nervously.

John gave a weak half smile and agreed hoarsely, “Yea. Some caffeine would be good.”

They walked briskly to a nearby coffee house in silence because neither one knew how to start this conversation. Sam grabbed their drinks from the counter, slipping some holy water into his father’s drink. After they both had their drinks in their hands, they found a table outside to sit at so they could talk easier.

John studied Sam for a long moment, drinking in the sight of his prodigal son. He took a hesitant sip of his coffee, grateful for the hot burn going down, while he watched Sam. Deep down, he really wished he had done the same with Dean. In fact, looking back, it seemed that he had always focused more on Sam than Dean. Dean had always faded into the background, giving Sam all the dad time he had to offer. And John had unconsciously allowed it.

 Most of the time, he’d only checked the status of things with Dean before moving on to Sam. He had never realized that until now. He flinched inwardly as he acknowledged that Sam was right about how he had always treated his eldest, as a soldier instead of a son. He desperately wished that he could go back and . . . but there was no such thing as real wishes.

Knowing that these thoughts were getting him nowhere, he cleared his throat before he commented casually, “You look good, Sam. Really good. Looks like college life is treating you well. It agrees with you. How are your grades?”

Sam shrugged nervously, acknowledging that his father had no reaction to the holy water, before he rushed out uncertainly, “Um, good. Grades are good. A’s and one B. I have to say, though, you look like crap, Dad. When’s the last time you slept?”

John winced slightly in response and thought about taking a nice long drink of his hot coffee, just to feel the burn again amidst the numbing sensation of knowing his oldest was probably dead. But he didn’t deserve to feel, especially now that he had to break his other son’s heart by telling him about his older brother. The deep burning agony that he’d felt when he’d finished talking to Bobby had only lasted until this numbness was all that he could feel. He really didn’t know which was worse.

“Sam,” John began hesitantly, wanting to distract himself from this morbid train of thought. He looked his son in the eye and continued earnestly, “Sam, last time we talked . . . we had a helluva fight . . .” He saw Sam swallowed nervously but didn’t let that dissuade him. “Son,” he reaffirm strongly. “It is really good to see you. I . . . I missed you,” he croaked out hoarsely, fighting back the burning sensations in his head once again. He would NOT cry until there was NO hope left.

Sam fidgeted with more nervousness, having seen the wince followed by what could only be interpreted as an apology. His father didn’t apologize. Ever. The long silence that followed afterward set him even more on edge. He leaned forward with his elbows on the table and wrapped his hands around his own coffee. He stared John in the eyes and demanded softly, “Dad. What is it? Is it . . . is it De –“

John remained in a lounge position in his chair with one hand around his cooling coffee, like a stone statue. John knew his face was schooled in the proper picture of intent, not letting any of his emotions show. His game face, as Dean always called it, he reminded himself grimly, only to feel it shatter at that particular remembrance. He closed his eyes slowly and swallowed hard, attempting to keep everything together.

He had to keep going. Had to keep fighting. Had to find out the truth of what happened. What happened to Mary. And, now, what happened to her son, his son, Dean.

“N-N-No,” Sam protested weakly then became stronger, more insistent. “No. Not Dean. Not him. No! I would know. I would know, Dad. I would know if . . .”

John drew in a shaky breath then leaned forward with his elbows relaxed on the table. He stared his younger son in the eyes and told him cautiously, “Everything is . . . currently . . . pointing that way.”

“What –“

John held up his hand and snapped but without his normal force or heat, “Let me finish, Sam. I’m going to Bobby’s next. He . . . well, he has the latest . . .”

John ran a hand over his face then shook his head slightly. “Look, Dean dropped off of the grid about eight months after you left. We were taking different hunts. Little things. Salt and burn type things that he could do in his sleep.”

“So why did he disappear then?” Sam growled irritably.

John shook his head. “I wish I knew. I wish I could answer that, Sam. I do! But there is no answer. Or, at least. not one that I can find yet. I know he made it to the right town for his hunt and that he figured the case out right. There was evidence that he’d even started to dig up the right bones because the grave was messed up but there was nothing else. No other clues. Not tracks. No nothing. Not a thing. No sign of him. No sign of what might have happed to him. Nothing. Not a goddamn thing!”

“Hell, I even finished the hunt, thinking that the same thing might happen to me, to give me a clue, any clue, but nothing happened. The ghost showed, did a few minor tricks but it apparently hadn’t been a ghost for too long because it barely even harassed me. Barely put up any resistance before I torched it.”

“You should have told me,” Sam snarled softly, conscious of their surroundings.

“I tried. You wouldn’t pick up!” John bit back hotly. Sam flinched in acknowledgement, remembering the repeated calls from his father over a year ago.

John exhaled slowly, trying to control his temper, and continued wearily, “Anyway, I’ve had people looking since then. Pastor Jim, Caleb, Bobby, all of them. Everyone I knew. They all had everyone they could think of doing the same thing.”

“What did they get?”

“Nothing! Not a single goddamn lead,” John spat disgustedly then added reluctantly. “Until yesterday. A vamp hunter took out a nest. Apparently, inside the nest were pics of Dean. One of them had a DOA stamp on it with a date. The hunter’s dropping the stuff off at Bobby’s so I’m headed there now then head out to the nest. Probably won’t be anything left, if I know Gordon, but I still have to check. Just wanted to let you know before I head out.” John stood at that point, intent on his goal.

“Wait,” Sam ordered abruptly, jumping up to stop his father. “I’m coming with.”

John stared at Sam a long moment then warned softly, “Look, Sam. They’re just pics. No body. No real lead. I’m sure Bobby’s going to come with me to check out the nest as well. We’ll keep you informed of it all, if you’ll just answer your damn phone. But I seriously doubt that we’ll find anything definite. Whatever happened to your brother, whatever, or whoever, was damn good at covering its tracks.”

“I’m still coming,” Sam insisted stubbornly as he turned to head back to his apartment. He needed to pack and talk to Jess. College could wait. He needed . . . he needed his brother..

John solemnly fell in step with his grown son, now a young man, secretly thrilled. Since Dean disappeared, he’d wanted to keep what was left of his family close together, or as close as possible. He could not let Sam slip through his fingers again, especially after this. He knew he couldn’t lose much more before he wouldn’t have a reason to keep going.

Sam suddenly cursed under his breath. Before John could ask him, Sam informed him tautly, “I have an interview early tomorrow morning but I want to see what Bobby has, too. That is why you came here first, right?”

John shot Sam a quick glance that reminded Sam so much of Dean before staring in front of him again. John answered abruptly, “I figured I should give you the choice. Can’t you skip this interview? Or maybe reschedule it?”

“It’s a law school interview, Dad. It’s my whole future on a plate. I can’t skip it.” Sam sighed heavily. “Look, I’ll borrow a car and head out right after it. I’ll only be like a half a day behind.”

John thought for a long moment but there really wasn’t much of a choice for him anymore. John couldn’t leave Sam behind after all of this. He sighed heavily before he argued firmly, “No. I’ll wait for you. It’s not like this is a warm trail or anything and Bobby’s still waiting on the other hunter to show up. Maybe he can meet us halfway to make up the time. I’ll call and we’ll work something out.”

Sam sighed in relief at not getting left behind on something this important then mumbled, “Thanks, Dad.” They both continued on in silence, each man trapped within his own thoughts and worries. When they were in front of Sam’s apartment, he offered, “Bring your stuff on up and you can have the couch for the night.”

John gave a weak smile of gratitude before he hedged uneasily, “I have someone working with me.”

Sam thought it was odd but only shrugged without concern and amended easily, “Bring him up, too.”

John smiled a tiny bit more then nodded and answered,  “I’ll get my things then.”

They both turned toward their respective assignments but John immediately turned back around and grabbed Sam into a quick heartfelt hug. He whispered into the taller man’s neck, “Thanks, Sam. It is really good to see you again. You have no idea.” Sam returned the embrace briefly before they clapped each other on the back. They separated again and hurried to do what they needed to for the night they had planned.

Thank God, I hadn’t left without Sam, John thought presently as his mind brought him back to the blazing inferno before him. Otherwise, Sammy would be dead right now. Just like his girlfriend. Just like Dean.  John shuddered over the knowledge that he had barely gotten Sam out of the apartment in time.

In fact, if he hadn’t been chased back inside to the apartment building by a very large dog, possibly a wolf, he would have never made it to Sam in time to save him. He could still see in his mind’s eye the huge dark wolf that had rounded Sam’s building, snarling ferociously. It intercepted him before he’d even reached Sam’s curb, much less his truck parked across the street. It cut off his path and appeared to be hell-bent on taking a part of John, either for a taste or a trophy. John wasn’t real sure which and didn’t wait around to find out as he sprinted back to Sam’s apartment door.

As soon as John got the apartment door, which was thankfully unlocked, open, the enraged wolf forcibly squeezed in the door at the last minute. John fell back and scrambled backward for his footing but the wolf immediately lost interest in him and bounded up the stairs right before Sam’s yell of denial sounded far above him. He would never willingly admit that the wolf had actually led John directly to Sam, saving John precious minutes of extra search time.

John had stormed directly into Sam’s bedroom, only to be stopped short, mentally stunned in the doorway. It was Mary all over again, he thought in horror as the scene before him unfolded. The only difference was the large wolf growling and yanking Sam off the bed directly under the flaming ceiling by grabbing Sam’s jacket with its teeth.

In the end, that was the main thing that made John react at all. He’d barely grabbed a hold of Sam and pulled him out of his bedroom before the roof caved in. In all honesty, the wolf was actually the one who saved Sam’s life but, as far as John could tell, Sam wasn’t even aware of it. It was also very unlikely that the wolf survived the cave in that happened as the two men cleared the bedroom door.

After talking to the authorities, without mentioning the wolf, of course, he turned to study his fully grown son. He’d never wanted Sam to ever have this kind of pain and he was sorry that there was nothing he could do but be there for him. At least, he was there for Sam, more so now, possibly, because he’d been unable to be there for Dean. He moved to the back of his truck where Sam stared at the blazing scene in complete shock.

“Come on, son,” John ordered briskly, placing a gentle, supporting hand on Sam’s shoulder. “We have work to do.”

Sam numbly moved to the passenger side of the truck and opened the door when he distantly heard the familiar growl of an engine. He automatically turned to look up the street and he could have sworn that he caught a brief glance of the tail end of Dean’s baby passing by. He could also almost hear the sound of Metallica floating through the cold night air.

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